Date Major City State Event Link
November 7, 2021 Maple Grove MN Minnesota Fall Camp
November 14, 2021 Denver CO Denver Fall Camp
December 12, 2021 Dallas TX Dallas Winter Camp
December 18, 2021 Orlando FL Orlando Winter Camp
January 8, 2022 Mankato MN Northern Specialist Camp (9th Annual)
January 22, 2022 Houston TX Houston Winter Camp

Phase 3 Kicking, the perfect kicking camp

Do you aspire to become a kicking, punting, or snapping specialist? Do you want to rank on college football recruiting rankings? Do you want to see your name in the national kicking rankings? Do you want to be noticed by those responsible for football recruiting on a college level? Are you looking for more exposure so that you can get recruited by college coaches? Then look no further because Phase 3 kicking, the best place for improving your football recruiting chances, has got your back. Let us prepare you for college football recruiting! We are better than your average football kicking camp!

Football players often struggle with being consistent; even after working closely with a football coach, they sometimes cannot make the perfect football kick, costing them the whole match or downgrading their rankings. Even after joining a football academy, they may fail to be a better kicker. Football kicking is an art, and you need expert college coaches so you can compete at college level football. An expert football coach is essential to improve the game, and we have the best football coaches you can find anywhere!

Phase 3 kicking is the perfect kicking camp that will improve your game and prepare you for football recruiting! We take it upon us to take your football kicking ability on a professional level, and we will make your name appear in national kicking rankings!


Most football kicking, punting camps, and kicking academies are designed to help players improve their fundamentals but don't provide an opportunity for athletes to make it to the college football level and make them ready for college football recruiting. But not us! Our kicking academy makes sure you’re ready when a football recruiting opportunity comes knocking! We have a team of expert football coaches, and they are dedicated to improving your game! It’s our responsibility to get you kicking and prepared for college coaches! 

The Phase 3 Kicking platform, with the help of our experienced kicking coaches, allows kickers, punters, and long snappers to test themselves in a competitive environment that is comparable to live game situations. This will allow them the ability to measure their skills by the evaluation method created by phase 3 kicking college football recruiting coaches. This kicking academy is the best place for you to get ready for college football recruiting! Work with our football coaches and be the next champion! We are not just any football academy; we are Phase 3 Kicking! 

Phase 3 Kicking provides the only competition-based evaluation platform available for kickers, punters, and snappers from high school through college levels. The system we have in place at our kicking academy will increase your chances at college football recruiting. Our kicking academy offers both one-on-one evaluations as well as group sessions so you can get the best evaluation for your next football challenge. Our kicking academy and kicking coaches work closely with our players to improve their football kicking technique. Our kicking academy takes it upon us to prepare you for your sessions with college coaches. Our kicking academy and our football coaches will give you the best training to make you a football kicking expert! Our goal is to prepare you for college football recruiting!

The Only Camp That Gives You Opportunities For The College Football

You have been dreaming about playing college football since you were a kid. But now that it is time to leave high school, your dream seems further away than ever. You may have joined a football academy at some point in your life without any performance improvements. College coaches can be hard to impress, and if you’re not the best, you will likely not be selected.

If you are like most people who want to play on the college level, then you know that getting noticed by coaches is extremely difficult and requires hours of practice and training every day. The sad part is that many talented players stop pursuing their dreams before football recruiting agents notice them. 

The Phase 3 Kicking camp can help! Our kicking academy and our experienced college coaches give athletes an opportunity for the college football they've always dreamed of. College football recruiting is tough. If you want to be seen by college coaches and recruiters, get enrolled in phase 3 kicking Academy and let our kicking coaches do their work on you. We know how to make your dreams of college football recruiting a reality!


  • Our kicking academy gives 25% off your first kicking camp with Phase 3 Kicking

  • Phase 3 kicking is led by Chris Husby(lead football coach), who has experience of over 12 years as a Professional Kicking Coach specializing in training kickers, punters, and long snappers.

  • Our 'Specialist Algorithm' ©  will be able to give you an accurate assessment of how prepared you are to perform at the next level of football.  We will be able to individually compare your kicks and punts to a REAL college game standard, and you’ll be ready for college football recruiting

  • Our evaluation team consists of the best college coaches and football coaches that will provide realistic feedback and improve your football kicking ability

  • Our kicking camps will give you the best football kicking training, so you are prepared for the college level.

  • Our kicking academy will increase your chances of being selected on a professional level by football recruiting teams.

Chris Husby


Chris Husby has been in the professional kicking world for over 12 years. He is a  graduate of the University of St Thomas and has been training kickers, punters, and long snappers, at the High School, College, Professional, and Youth levels.

Chris Husby is also the owner of Special Teams Football Academy.

About Special Teams Football Academy:

Special Teams Football Academy brings together some of the best football coaches and the top experts in the Midwest to help kicking specialists reach their highest potential. This kicking academy focuses on special teams instruction, and all our instructors are former kickers, punters, and long snappers who have trained and competed at the highest level, whether as an NFL Professional, a free agent, or a college-level specialist. Based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, Special Teams Football Academy trains athletes from the Midwest, Canada, and from many other countries around the globe. Their football academy offers year-round coaching and instruction on all aspects of special teams, including kicking, punting, and long-snapping, so that you get the best chance at college football recruiting.



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Coach Chris Husby

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Coach Ken Becka

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Coach Tom Zinselmeier

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Coach Javon Hering